Also, I'm not sure if there are studies you have cited in your other articles or publication (as a reader of this particular article, I feel I have the need to read more into your other works to find those).

The study you linked to--on objectification--linking it to an older man who is dating a younger woman is non sequitur.

You you cited that "Notably, studies on 'male gazing' have found that women who are made to feel self-conscious become less able to act for themselves; instead, they take on the submissive role and react to others."

It does not necessarily follow that "all males" "gaze". However, most of the article's arguments hinge on that point--that males gaze and objectify women, and women are hence vulnerable to being used.

Besides, the article seems condescending. It's basically saying that as a young woman from 18 (19?) to 25, one is ill equipped in terms of emotional stability in handling relationship matters. Except for the risk of physical and abuse dangers, I think it's part of growing up to learn about these relationship dynamics.

I apologize if I seem antagonistic. I think that the point of the article is good (e.g., watch out for the risks). However, it could have been better tempered with more convincing data, case studies, expert insights, and the like, rather than a big warning that younger women are incapable of dealing with decisions and relationships and that older men are controlling and abusive objectifiers.

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