I think your article is overly generalizing things. It's bordering on double standards, especially in today's culture wherein society is increasingly open to relationships of all kinds.

I'm not denying the psychological differences and the fact that there are men who objectify women. However, saying that younger women should avoid significantly (is that also an arbitrary qualifier?) older men at all costs, without taking into consideration the individual circumstances or situations, is pandering to audience approval and frankly clickbait material.

The article speaks of a "they" vs. "you" without going in-depth to how these perspectives are actually arrived at.

What I would be thankful for are expert references that can clearly expound on why such relationships are not beneficial (perhaps not just to young women but also other parties involved or society in general?).


EDIT: To qualify, I am an advocate against grooming and predation, especially involving minors. I have loved ones who were abused as children, and I have young children of my own. However, at age of majority, one would expect individuals to have a better faculties for deciding for ourselves, even though sometimes the decision-making process still needs much development.

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Tech journalist, venture builder, community manager, licensed radio amateur, upcoming children's book author - https://N2RAC.com

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